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  • Blazer Battleskull

    Blazer's 2 year younger sister was taken from birth by a band of evil orcs and now he is searching for her. All he remembers about her is a phoenix tattoo. His foster parents left him a deed to a tavern but he doesn't know where it is.

  • Emeric Greenbottle

    When he was younger Emeric's parents got ran over by a cart. He has been looking for the people who did that since then. While on his journey for answers he learned that his parents used to be spies for House Krastin. In order to get answers Emeric …

  • Alvin

    Alvin was once in a band with his friends [[:simon | Simon]] and [[:theodor | Theodor]]. Things when bad when the stardom got to Alvin's head, he started drinking and fighting with his band members. The band decided, in no simple terms, to break up the …

  • Dunn

    Descendant of a well known and respected bloodline of Elves. When he reached the proper age he joined the watch guards of the Elven realms as a guard and scout of sorts. He left position when he discovered corruption among the ranks and was coerced into …

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