Guardians of DragonFall.

It has been 300 years since the Great War, where man, giants, elves, and other goodly races battled for survival against dragons, man, and gods. Dragons fell in the end and are now extinct. Man now controls the south of the world where vegetation, monsters, and adventure are rare. With an ever present need to expand north where the land is untouched and wild where anything could be lurking to kill the unsuspecting they expand northward. Without the need for defending against dragons, people began to turn away from magic for power and are relying on political alliances. What little magic there is now is but a pale comparison to what it once was.

On the end of civilization at the most Northern settlement is a town, known to the locals as DragonFall they stand alone against the monsters of the North and the politics of the South. With only a small group of adventurers to protect them, the fate of DragonFall hangs in the balance of an ever changing world.

Guardians of Dragonfall